Warming Up for March Madness 2014

The Weil Bankruptcy Blog’s annual March Madness competition returns this year.  After we sat out the competition last year, we wanted to make sure we are shooting from the three-point line this year.  For this year’s tournament, we will be featuring brackets of the greatest, most inspiring, most shocking, most scatological, most cliché, most innovative, most out-of-context excerpts from any and all bankruptcy-related decisions.  You know, the kinds of passages that make you think, “Wow!  I have GOT to send this to all my friends.”  Based upon our review of decisions over the years, we know that a judge sometimes uses a decision to channel his or her inner [you fill in the blank – Shakespeare?  Tina Fey?  Dr. Seuss?  Mick Jagger?].  We will be presenting a short list of all these excerpts for your voting consideration, so that we can crown the “Greatest Bankruptcy Excerpt of All Time” (so to speak).
But we need your help!
In the weeks leading up to our March Madness series, we are soliciting any and all suggestions for quotes and decisions that you would vote into the Bankruptcy Hall of Fame.  Nothing from a published decision is off-limits, as long as it is somehow “related to” bankruptcy (pun intended), but we are particularly interested in finding anything scathing, scholarly, funny, witty, poetic, or just plain memorable.  Rhymes, rants, songs, pop culture, classical literature, limericks, totally random sports analogies — use your imagination!  Please submit your nominations by the close of business on February 14.  Note that all submissions will be kept confidential, and we won’t use your name without your permission.
In the spirit of March Madness, the first 50 readers to submit credible suggestions will receive a Weil-branded (mini) basketball.  And we’re raising the stakes even higher this year, because those who nominate cases that make it to the Final Four will have an opportunity to win a prize commemorating an important moment in bankruptcy history.
Fill out the form below to submit your suggested excerpt.
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