Test Out Your Crystal Ball: Weil Bankruptcy Blog Wants to Know Your Predictions of What Lies Ahead in 2011

The New Year is always a time for reflecting on the year gone by and prognosticating about the one to come.  Here at the Weil Bankruptcy Blog we like a good prognostication as much as anyone else, so we thought we’d start the year off by asking our readers what they think lies ahead for the business finance and restructuring world in 2011.  Where are interest rates headed?  What will the stock market do in 2011?  How many companies will file for chapter 11?  We’ve put together a very short survey (just 8 multiple choice questions) and, while we have a few ideas of our own, we can’t wait to see what the restructuring community predicts for the coming year.  Simply answer the questions below and click on Done at the bottom.  We’ll post a summary of the results in about a week so you can see how your own predictions match up with the collective wisdom of our readership.