One Shining Moment: March Madness Is Here!

Contributed by Katherine Doorley and Doron Kenter
Duke, Kentucky, University of North Carolina, Lehman, Spickelmeier: March Madness champions all.  It’s that time of year again folks—the Weil Bankruptcy Blog’s annual March Madness Tournament is here.  This year, we at the Weil Bankruptcy Blog have spent quite a bit of time discussing and debating the Final Report and Recommendations of the American Bankruptcy Institute Commission to Study the Reform of Chapter 11.  (See more of our coverage here.)  But this brain trust can only do so much on its own.  Now the time has come for you, our devoted, faithful, brilliant readers, to weigh in.  Which recommendations from the ABI Report do you think are the most compelling?  As the old saying goes, “Enquiring minds want to know!”  
Will Valuation Information Packages have their VIP Moment?  Will the 60-day waiting period for 363(x) sales wait even longer to get its due?  Or will the conspicuous absence of recommendations with respect to venue, constitutional authority, and other hot topics generate enough buzz to bring the title home to [Delaware? New York? Chicago? Detroit?]?  Which recommendation (or lack thereof) will have its One Shining Moment?
Beginning next week, blog readers will be able to vote on each match-up by conference (the link will also be accessible by clicking on the “Weil basketball” on the home page).  Before the first round of voting begins, we’ll bring you increasingly insightful and/or hilarious descriptions of each of our competitors.  If you think a recommendation is compelling (and that standard, dear reader, is what you say it is), you’ll have to vote to send that recommendation into the next round of voting.  Unlike your March Madness bracket, which is probably doomed (even if you pick Kentucky), here you can actually have a say in crowning your champion.  Voting on Round One (because unlike the Big Dance, we start with a real Round One) begins next Wednesday, March 11, at 12:00 noon (ET) and closes the following Monday, March 16 at 10:00 a.m. (ET).  So come to the Weil Bankruptcy Blog, read up on our worthy competitors, and vote away!