March Madness: With the Play-In Results, We Announce Our Sweet Sixteen

Well, we’re still waiting for an upset in our March Madness competition.  The play-in round yielded no surprises, with each of the fourth seeds sending the fifth seeds packing.  Perhaps the biggest surprise was how the Marshall case (aka Anna Nicole Smith) dominated Exide, garnering a whopping 75.5% of the vote.  Does this portend an upset in the Litigators bracket when Marshall squares off against that bracket’s top seed, Johns-Manville?  The closest we came to a buzzer beater was the New Century vs. Charter Communications match-up in the 2008 Crisis bracket, with New Century edging out Charter by a mere three votes.  Now New Century will have to face Lehman in the Sweet Sixteen.  Can New Century pull off what would truly be the upset of the competition?

In our match-up of the old-timers in the Heavy Industries bracket, Northern Pacific Railroad chugged past Los Angeles Lumber.  In the Trendsetters bracket, Continental Airlines flew past SCI Television.
We pick up coverage of our Sweet Sixteen “teams” next Wednesday, March 21, 2012, so it’s not too late to send us your views on which team you think should be selected as the top bankruptcy case of all time.  Click here to send us an email.
Our final Sweet Sixteen brackets are below: