March Madness: Weil's Sweet Sixteen

The results from Round One of this year’s March Madness are in!  As expected, the favorites in each region dominated the competition.  Grydzuk and Jerk Machine, with their tributes to Shakespeare and Animal House, garnered more than 90% of the votes in their match-ups and sent their challengers packing Fearlessly using a more outlandish offense, Maxim and Gary Aircraft knocked out their opposition with talk of financial fantasies and corporate nirvana.  Spickelmier’s “epic fail” language surely gained a new meaning for opponent Hummer Transportation as it was shown the door.  And Town, despite its talk of slam dunks and half-court heaves, just couldn’t seem to keep up with Leslie Controls on the court.
Even though there weren’t many surprises, we saw some close match-ups leading to the Sweet Sixteen.  One minor upset came out of the Midwest bracket, where Crosswhite’s “road to hell” reference ensured that third-seeded Merillville wouldn’t see the road to the Final Four.  The Northeast and West brackets watched Reese and Veal’s pop-culture-packed quotes both barely edge out the competition, with 51% of the votes each.  Bank of New England’s poetic plays ultimately weren’t enough to overcome Dana Corporation’s duck defense, which inched by with 52% of the votes.  That strategy played out differently for Love, which used a lyrical approach to steal Myers’ chance of being crowned champion.
Now, our winners will face some undoubtedly tougher competition as they advance to our bankruptcy Sweet Sixteen.  Members of Weil’s Selection Panel will make the case for each team as it goes forward, and your votes will determine the Final Four.  Voting will close at noon on Friday, March 14th.
Sweet Sixteen bracket survey.