March Madness: Weil's Elite Eight

The Sweet Sixteen round of Weil’s Bankruptcy March Madness has ended, and eight contenders are left to win the honor of being the best of the best bankruptcy quotes.  The competition was fierce in the last round, with fan favorite Maxim being sent home by Reese in an upset.  Some strategies were hit-or-miss on the court: Grydzuk’s gripes about BAPCPA were enough to dominate Omegas, but Sosa’s annoyance with the Act couldn’t top Veal’s expert blending of bankruptcy, bearer bonds, and Beverly Hills Cop.  Even Spickelmier nearly experienced its own “epic fail” in a close victory over Gary Aircraft.
Other matchups across the brackets resulted in some equally tough and unpredictable games.  The Northeast saw a food fight of sorts, with Leslie’s Thanksgiving turkey proving a more popular choice than Dana Corporation’s duck.  In the Midwest, Levit gave readers an offer they couldn’t refuse: ensuring Crosswhite wouldn’t see another day of competition this year.  Dropping an Urban Dictionary definition in a footnote wasn’t a bold enough move for Hare, which lost out to Judith Herskowitz and her court-ordered birthday card.  And Jerk Machine’s real-life Animal House scene took home another landslide win, this time over the more refined reasoning of Love.
In the Elite Eight, we are particularly intrigued by two matchups.  In the South, we see two bankruptcy judges from the Southern District of Florida facing off for the region’s coveted Final Four berth – and bragging rights down on Miami Beach.  And out West, Judge Markell is sure to move on with one of his two surprising underdogs.  Markell v. Markell – it’s no Kramer vs. Kramer, but it’s certainly got our attention!
As with the Sweet Sixteen, members of Weil’s Selection Panel will be making the case for each team in the Elite Eight.  Which teams make the Final Four is up to our readers.  Remember to vote before noon on Friday, March 21st!
Elite Eight bracket survey