MARCH MADNESS: Weil’s Championship Round

After weeks of fierce competition, we’re down to the final two contenders in Weil’s Bankruptcy March Madness.  In a stunning Final Four upset, front-runner Jerk Machine had its dreams of a championship crushed by our readers’ favorite underdog, fourth-seeded SpickelmierGrydzuk, after making the Final Four by just a single vote, easily defeated Reese to prove it deserved a place in our Championship Bracket.
Which of our teams will be crowned this year’s March Madness champion?  We’ve watched Spickelmier show its opponents the true meaning of “epic fail” for the last few weeks.  In the Sweet Sixteen, first-seeded Gary Aircraft couldn’t reach the “higher plane” it spoke of while likening corporate reorganization to religious reincarnation.  Veal suffered a similar fate in the Elite Eight, where Judge Markell’s impressive ability to weave American literature and ‘80s films into a single footnote wasn’t enough to trump his clever use of modern slang to describe an attorney’s faults in Spickelmier.  And in the Final Four, even a bizarre, real-life scene from the Deltas’ “trial” in Animal House wasn’t enough to take Jerk Machine to the championship.
Our other final round contender, Grydzuk, sent some similarly strong competition home.  Omegas didn’t stand a chance out of the Sweet Sixteen despite its witty comparison of the bankruptcy court to a soup kitchen, ladling out rations to hungry creditors.  In the Elite Eight, Levit certainly had a contract out on Grydzuk, but its Sopranos-like story failed to advance thanks to the vote of a single reader.  Last, but not least, even Reese’s use of a classic Hogan’s Heroes catchphrase couldn’t top Grydzuk’s scathing review of the BAPCPA as a work “no one wants to be associated with.”
Clearly, both of our remaining teams have had remarkable runs in the tournament.  Which one wins our Championship Round is, as always, up to our readers!  Get your votes in before noon on Friday, April 4th.
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