March Madness: The Weil Bankruptcy Blog's Elite Eight

The results from Round One of the Bankruptcy Bracket are in and, unlike the NCAA Tournament, there were very few surprises.  Lionel rolled through Whiting Pools like a freight train, and 203 North LaSalle showed its absolute dominance over TillMarathon Pipeline didn’t give an inch to TMT Trailer Ferry, and Bildisco had no trouble sending STN home.  In an epic shootout of Kansas v. Princeton proportions, Butner finally edged out Pepper by just a few votes (but rest assured, we won’t take Pepper for granted anymore – it can certainly go back to the Bankruptcy Reporter with its head held high).  Most surprisingly, the Second Circuit sent the Supreme Court packing with Chateaugay’s big win over Ron Pair.  Apparently, Ron Pair’s oft-cited “plain language of the statute” standard couldn’t keep up with Chateaugay’s hazardous zone defense. 
But the tournament is far from over, and our Elite Eight of Bankruptcy now face their toughest competition.  As with the Sweet Sixteen, you pick the winner.  This time, members of Weil’s Business Finance & Restructuring Department will be making the case for each match-up, and your votes will determine the Final Four.  Voting will close Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

The Classics
Northern Pipeline Co. v. Marathon Pipeline Co.
Butner v. United States
Early Bankruptcy Code Years
National Labor Relations Board v. Bildisco and Bildisco
In re Lionel
Getting Settled In
United Savings Assn. of Texas v. Timbers of Inwood Forest
United States v. The LTV Corp. (In re Chateaugay Corp.)
New Kids on the Block
Bank of Am. Nat’l Trust & Sav. Assoc. v. 203 North LaSalle St. P’ship
In re Owens Corning.

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