March Madness: The Sweet Spot

It’s time for the drama to unfold as our competitors pursue the coveted title of the “top bankruptcy case of all time.”  The stakes have been raised:  Only eight cases will advance to the next round, and one or more of the top seeds may find themselves heading home early.  Will the underdogs finally have their day (like Lehigh and Norfolk State)?  Will the top seeds breeze through their opponents without breaking a sweat (like Kentucky and Carolina)?  Will President Obama’s Weil BFR Bankruptcy Blog bracket picks outperform your own?  All this, and more, will be revealed as the 2012 Weil BFR Bankruptcy Blog continues its march to madness.
Remember that, unlike the NCAA tournament, you decide the winners of the 2012 Weil BFR March Madness Tournament, so keep checking in with us and don’t forget to vote on the next round of matchups.  Unless you’re one of the three people (out of approximately 6.45 million) who successfully chose all 16 teams in NCAA Sweet 16, this may be the most fun you’ll have in March!
To complete your brackets, please click on the link at the end of the case brackets.  Sweet Sixteen bracket picks must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 22nd.

Sweet Sixteen Bracket Survey