March Madness: The Play-In Round

The 2012 Weil BFR March Madness Tournament has officially begun!  This year, we start with a play-in round to determine the #4 seed for each region.  This is the round where perennial favorites and top-seeded cases like Lehman and Texaco sit back and rest on their laurels while scrappy underdogs earn some much-deserved respect.  So, it’s time for all you avid restructuring fans to tear off the warm-up jersey, finish your pre-game ritual, and cast your (potentially) game-winning vote for the #4 seed in each region before the buzzer–i.e., before 5:00 p.m. Thursday, March 15th.
Don’t forget to keep following the Blog as the tournament progresses.  In each round of voting, we’ll be sharing our esteemed nominators’ rationale for their “top” bankruptcy case of all time, as well as insights from the top legal minds here at the Bankruptcy Blog.  Voting for the Sweet Sixteen will begin on Wednesday, March 21.
Weil’s March Madness is Awesome, baby, with a capital “A”!