March Madness Is Coming!

By The Selection Committee
Last year, Weil’s Bankruptcy Blog asked you to vote on our Sweet Sixteen of top bankruptcy-related decisions of all time, and Marathon won Weil’s March Madness championship as the top all-time bankruptcy-related court decision.  This year, during March Madness we will be asking you to vote on the “top” chapter 11 (or Chapter XI) case of all time.  How you define “top” is completely within your discretion:

Should it be the biggest case?

the case with the most impact?

most unusual?


most controversial?

most innovative?

We are not looking for a legal decision, although you may decide that one or more legal decisions coming out of a chapter 11 (or Chapter XI) case make that case the “top” case of all time.
With two notable exceptions (Harvey Miller and Alan Miller), the Selection Committee is not soliciting nominations from Weil attorneys.  We have, however, been busy reaching out to our colleagues in the restructuring industry for their views on what companies’ cases should make our Sweet Sixteen bracket.  We would love to have your views too.  If you would like to nominate a case, click here to send us the name of the case and why you believe it should be considered the top case.  Feel free to nominate more than one case if you can’t make up your mind at this stage.  When we publish the brackets, and as the tournament progresses, we will publish selected quotes (with attribution) we have received in support of the cases.  Of course, if you would like to nominate a case without attribution, please let us know.
Please submit your nominations by the close of business on Monday, March 5.  The Selection Committee will be announcing the Sweet Sixteen throughout the day on our Selection Monday, March 12, and the Sweet Sixteen will start duking it out (no pun intended) on Wednesday, March 21.