Hoop Here It Is – March Madness 2014 Is Here!

Get the Jock Jams going – it’s game time! Selection Sunday may be a couple of weeks away, but the Weil Bankruptcy Blog’s annual March Madness Tournament is here. We may have ridden the bench last year, but, as promised, we are back on the court, fired up, and ready to go! (Incidentally, we realize now that our “bench” and “court” puns apply equally to sports and to the judiciary. Though we suppose if this were the NBA, we could go so far as to make a [David] Stern reference. But we digress.) With your help, in the weeks leading up to our March Madness series, we’ve compiled quotes from decisions that you, dear fans, would vote into the Bankruptcy Hall of Fame.

In deciding which submissions made the cut, our elite Selection Panel debated which quotes from published bankruptcy-related decisions were, among other things, the most hilarious, most shocking, most literary, or most creative. (Clearly, most legally significant was not one of the key players this year – we were looking for lighter reading!)

You will be able to access a survey where you can vote on each match-up by conference (the link is also accessible by clicking on the Weil basketball featured on the home page). In the first round, quotes will be presented out of context. If you are interested in learning more, you’ll have to vote to send the quote (team) into the next round, during which we’ll be providing more information on the details of the case. And, unlike the predictions on your NCAA bracket, you’ll decide who’s goin’ to the ship in our March Madness Tournament. Voting closes on Friday, March 7 at 12:00 noon (ET), so read on, be aggressive, and start clicking!

As the tournament progresses, you can view the updated brackets.