And the survey says…

The results are in on our first ever reader survey about our Blog, and we thought we’d share them with you.
A whopping 65.6% of our respondents told us that their favorite types of blog articles are those that focus on discussions of recent case developments; whereas nearly 31% of folks who completed the survey preferred reviews of bankruptcy trends and statistics or light-hearted, entertaining entries.
Our “Special Edition” segments such as Throwback Thursday, Breaking the Code and Bankruptcy Beach Reading proved to be popular with roughly 87% of the respondents, who indicated that they enjoy those segments.
Where do we go from here? More than half of our respondents thought our current mix of topics on the Blog is “just right,” but many wanted to see more articles on financing, 363 sales, credit bidding, claims and plans. We’ll be sure to keep that in mind as we select topics for our upcoming Blog entries. In the meantime, have a great weekend! We’ll be back next week with more thought-provoking, entertaining and interesting discussions.