Weil Female Restructuring Partners Discuss Gender Gap Issues in WSJ

Marcia L. Goldstein, Co-Chair of the Firm’s Business Finance & Restructuring Department, along with Lori R. Fife, Debra A. Dandeneau, Jacqueline Marcus and Ronit J. Berkovich, all partners in Weil’s Business Finance & Restructuring Department, co-authored an opinion piece published by The Wall Street Journal’s “Bankruptcy Beat” titled “Weil Partners: Restructuring Doesn’t Have to Stay a Male-Dominated Field.” The authors wrote the piece in response to a recent “Examiners” blog post that was published last week.
The original post was a response to the question “What factors can make restructuring a difficult field in which to balance work and family obligations, and what should professional firms be doing to help employees?” and it argued why the restructuring field would likely remain male-dominated. In response to this, Weil’s piece explains why restructuring doesn’t have to remain male-dominated, citing the authors as five of many examples of successful female bankruptcy professionals who are also mothers. Some of the authors’ key arguments include that women should not self-select out of certain careers for fear of not being able to sustain a work-life balance in the future, and that work-life balance is not solely a woman’s issue, but rather an issue for both males and females in a wide range of professions.
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