American College of Bankruptcy Induction

As a rule we don’t use the Blog to blow our own horn. We figure our readers are far more interested in thoughtful reporting and commentary on recent developments in the restructuring world than in hearing us brag on ourselves. But there’s an exception to every rule and occasionally something happens that we just can’t resist sharing. So please join us in congratulating our partner Gary Holtzer on being inducted to the American College of Bankruptcy. Founded in 1989, the American College of Bankruptcy is an honorary association of bankruptcy and insolvency professionals. It has approxoimately 650 members selected by a Board of Regents from recommendations received from the Circuit Admissions Council in each federal judicial circuit. Its mission is to honor and recognize distinguished bankruptcy professionals who are qualified for membership in an effort to set standards of achievement for others in the insolvency community, and to fund and assist projects that enhance the highest quality of bankruptcy practice, including undergraduate and graduate programs related to bankruptcy and insolvency. Gary joins Weil partners Harvey Miller, Alan Miller, Marcia Goldstein, Steve Karotkin, Lori Fife and Alfredo Pérez in the ACB.