Stop the Madness

For the past two years, the bankruptcy geeks/sports nuts around here put together a March Madness tournament, challenging readers to pick the greatest all-time bankruptcy decisions and most groundbreaking cases.  It’s that time of year again.  The whiz kids in the IT department are issuing their annual disclaimer that they are totally not responsible for that lag in internet browsing speed that just happens to coincide with the video feed from the tournament, and we’ve received more invitations to participate in so and so’s  on-line pool than we possibly can count.  Although we were tempted to try for the three-peat, we’ve decided to take a break from Bankruptcy Madness.  (Yeah, right, we didn’t even want to make the tournament this year, even though we beat No. 2 seed Duke twice – we’re talkin’ to you, Maryland.)  We’ll be back next year with something fun.  Enjoy the Madness.