We know we’re competing with news on Puerto Rico, Detroit, Syria, Iraq and other lovely places to spend your summer holidays, and that the deluge of daily updates means that you just can’t manage to read all of those wonderful Bankruptcy Blog posts that hit your inbox every day. Fear not: we’ve got your back.
We’ve tallied the thousands of page views that each of our blog posts have received over the past few months, and put together this top five list of Bankruptcy Blog articles that you might have missed, but everyone else read. Want to keep up with the Joneses? Here’s your chance.
Enjoy this Bankruptcy Beach Reading, and enjoy what’s left of the summer!

  1. Asset Sales and Credit Bidding:

A Recent Decision in the Fisker Case Brings New Life to the Credit Bidding Debate

  1. Anti-Assignment Clauses:

Ceci n’est pas une institution financière: Existential Crisis For Distressed Debt Focused Hedge Funds

  1. Stern:

Breaking News: Unanimous Supreme Court Closes Statutory Gap, Leaves Other “Core” Stern Questions For Another Day (Executive Benefits Insurance Agency v. Arkison)

  1. Make Whole and Prepayment Premiums:

Draft Wisely or Pay Dearly: The Fifth Circuit Weighs in on the Enforceability of Prepayment Premiums (Absent Prepayment)

  1. Avoidance Actions and Fraudulent Transfers:

I Didn’t Know, I Swear! Section 548(c)’s Good-Faith Defense to Fraudulent Transfer Actions